Top 5 Golden Retriever skills

The Golden Retriever is a dog of many talents. Far from being just a pretty dog, this is a breed with many skills under its belt which you might be very interested to know of. Here are some of them.

Beauty as well as brawn

Golden Retrievers excel in the show ring, and if you’re particularly proud of your Retriever you can look into entering him into dog shows. You might find this easier if you got your pup from a breeder who shows their Retrievers – they should have plenty of expertise to help you start out. Be aware that showing your dog takes some work – you’ll need to have him expertly groomed and trimmed, and have him walking with the correct gait too.

Obedience competitions

Being a breed that’s very eager to please, the Golden Retriever makes an ideal candidate for obedience classes. It’s also an enjoyable activity you can take part in with your dog. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet lots of other Retriever owners if you enroll in an obedience class and participate in competitions.

Field trials

With his impressive heritage as a hunter, the Golden Retriever does well at anything which brings out the hunting instinct and puts his expert nose to the test. Field trials and hunting tests will be great fun for these dogs. Ask other Retriever owners if they know of any local trials or look for something online.

Agility training

The Golden Retriever’s athletic physique and boundless energy make him just perfect for agility training. The good news is that you don’t have to go to a class – lots of agility equipment can be bought online and you can set up your own assault course in your garden.

Service dogs

The Golden Retriever makes an excellent guide dog for the blind, and can also be used as a hearing aid dog with the right training. In addition, Golden Retrievers have a great temperament and this means they make good therapy dogs too. You can see why this beautiful Retriever is such an all-star in the canine world!

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