Is the Golden Retriever right for you?

This beautiful breed captivates all who meets him. But have you thought carefully about whether he’s “the one”? Here are the major signs it could be the dog for you.

You want a large dog

Do you have young children? If so a large dog might be too boisterous and physically strong for such a young family to cope with. Larger dogs come with added responsibilities such as more exercise, the need to spend more money on food, and of course the need for extra space in your home. If you can live with these pre-requisites, and you want a large dog, then you might be a good candidate for a larger breed like the Golden Retriever.

You want a sociable breed

The Golden Retriever is your dog! He is reliable with other dogs, and with strangers. Provided this breed is raised in a happy environment with plenty of socialization as a puppy, he will have a cheerful, confident and sociable nature.

You want a dog that is responsive to training

The Golden Retriever likes to please his master. In fact, this breed has a history of being trained to perform tasks like retrieving and enjoys being taught new commands. He is definitely not as stubborn or strong willed as other breeds and this makes him a much easier candidate for training.

You love to exercise

You will need to be a fairly active person to own one of these dogs. The Golden Retriever loves to be out and about, burning off all of that excess energy. When young, he can be particularly bouncy and playful and will need an owner who wants to walk, run and play with him.

You don’t mind shedding

The lovely, long fur of the Retriever comes with a catch – it sheds heavily. So, this breed is really only suitable for people who aren’t too house proud and don’t mind cleaning up loose fur. He probably won’t mix well in a household where there are people with allergies.

You’re prepared for any health problems that can arise

Golden Retrievers aren’t as hardy and healthy as some of the other breeds. There are quite a few diseases and conditions that can be inherited in the bloodline. So, you need to be a diligent owner who proactively takes their dog for check-ups at the vet. To combat this, get your Retriever pup from a responsible, ethical breeder who knows about all the possible health risks.

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