How to exercise your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are very active dogs and have tons of energy. However, they also need to be motivated to exercise and will benefit hugely from an owner who is active. If they don’t get enough exercise, these dogs can become bored and frustrated, which can lead to behavioural problems. They can also gain weight which puts unnecessary strain on the dog’s body and causes all sorts of secondary health problems. So, here are some useful tips for making sure your Retriever gets enough exercise every day.

Let your Retriever retrieve!

One of the best things you can do for your growing Golden Retriever is to teach him how to fetch and retrieve. Apart from allowing him to fulfill his natural instinct for retrieving work, it also acts as a vital source of exercise. If you haven’t taught your dog to retrieve yet, don’t worry – with his retriever ancestry, he is likely to pick it up fairly quickly! This is a great game to play in the garden between walks, and 15 minutes of non-stop running and fetching each day will give your Golden Retriever an excellent work out. If you like, you can also incorporate this into his routine inside the house too – teach him to fetch your slippers, newspaper, or even put his toys away after play times.

Retrievers love to swim

Another activity these dogs love besides retrieving is swimming. The Retriever breed was produced by crossing different types of Water Spaniels, so there is a strong heritage of water-loving dogs in his bloodline. If you can give your dog a daily or even a weekly swim, he will be very happy indeed. Don’t forget that young pups will probably need a bit of coaxing at first, and should always be fully supervised when swimming.

Jogging buddies

Golden Retrievers make the perfect jogging partners with their fantastic level of stamina. Before you start training with your dog, take him to the vets for a check-up and once he gets the all-clear, you can start jogging short distances together. Over time, you will be able to go for longer runs, but do keep an eye on your dog and if he gets tired, call it a day.

Exercising puppies

Golden Retriever puppies need careful and gradual exposure to exercise. At a young age, the fragile bones are growing and they need only gentle exercise. They shouldn’t be allowed to run up or down stairs. Shorter, more frequent walks are the answer for younger dogs. If you aren’t sure how much you should be exercising your puppy, ask your vet for advice.

Knowing the dangers

As a final tip, don’t forget to observe the limits of your dog and watch out for any signs of fatigue. It’s relatively easy for Golden Retrievers to over-exert themselves because of their seemingly boundless energy. Provide plenty of breaks if you’re on a brisk walk or run, and don’t forget to provide fresh water too.

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