goldenretriever-faqQ: What is the origin of the Golden Retriever?
A: The Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish Highlands. This breed came into being by crossing the Tweed Water Spaniel and Flat-Coated Retriever. The AKC first recognised this breed in 1925.

Q: Are Golden Retrievers hard to train?
A: Golden Retrievers are easy to train as they can bond very easily with their owners. Even the amateur trainers can do well with them. If you can treat your canine student with respect and be patient in repeating some lessons, your Golden will be trained quite easily and fast.

Q: Are Golden Retrievers good with children?
A: Yes. Children, especially the loving and playful ones, will do very well with Goldens. However, Golden Retrievers will try to escape and run away (but not attack) if children are being rough, cruel or abusive. However, it is strongly suggested that parents should keep an eye when children are playing with a Golden Retriever.

Q: How long do Golden Retrievers live?
A: Not as long as us humans do. On average 10 to 12 years. The lifespan mainly depends on a few factors, such as health care, genetics, exercise and nutrition. Over time, your Golden will need changes, and you should be ready to adjust his food and exercise.

Q: Do Golden Retrievers’ coats shed?
A: Yes. However, you can minimize the amount of shedding with regular and proper combing and brushing.

Q: How active are Golden Retrievers?
A: Like most small terriers, Golden Retrievers are not super active. However, a healthy Golden would require regular exercise and outdoor activities. If you can play with your Golden, he will play until he is too tired. So, the answer is Golden Retrievers are moderately active.

Q: Do Golden Retrievers require a lot of attention?
A: Yes, Golden Retrievers love their owners company. Being very people-oriented and friendly, Golden Retrievers try to bond tightly with their owners. As Goldens are pack oriented dogs, they love to share and play with all your family members.

Q: How much do Golden Retrievers cost?
Average puppy price ranges between £300 and £500.

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