Breed Profile

Breed Overview

Nicknames: Goldie or Golden

Dog Group Kennel Club: Sporting Group

Breed Classification: The Golden Retrievers are very intelligent. They can play a number of roles, such as

  • A hunting dog
  • A guide dog
  • A search and rescue participant
  • A hearing dog
  • An illicit drug detector etc.

As the Golden Retrievers are very loyal and cool tempered, they are one of the best family pets, too.
Physical Description: Dogs that belong to the Golden Retriever are of sturdy and medium to large sized body. Their muzzle is straight and the skull is broad. The eyes are typically dark brown, the nose either brownish black or black.

Lifespan: 10-12 years (average)
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Litter size: 6 – 8

Male – 58-61 cm
Female – 55-57 cm

Bitch- 27kg to 32kg
Dog – 30kg to 34kg

Build: Medium

Aliments: The Golden Retriever dogs are prone to mast cell tumours. They may also come down with congenital eye defects, Von Willebrand’s disease, hip dysplasia and minor heart problems. 19.8% of Golden Retriever dogs suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia.
Common Aliments: Skin allergies and overweight.

Susceptibility to Illness: Low

Ownership Expenses

Food cost: £4 – £7.50 per week

Average puppy price: between £300 and £500

Other: The Golden Retriever dogs do not cost much to keep. The trimming scissors could last for years. They do not need any extra additives either.


Energy Level: Medium

Daily exercise needed: 80 – 100 minutes

Distress if left alone: Medium

Barking Tendency: Medium

Ease of transportation: High

Aggression level: Low

Compatibility for children: High

Suitable for children: High


Coat length: Long/Medium

Grooming requirement: Once or twice per week. Combing and brushing are required, too.

Colour: Cream to a rich golden, mahogany and red.

Shedding: Heavy

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