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    Top 5 Golden Retriever skills

    The Golden Retriever is a dog of many talents. Far from being just a pretty dog, this is a breed with many skills under its belt which you might be very interested to know of. Here are some of them. Beauty as well as brawn Golden Retrievers excel in the show ring, and if you’re…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Is the Golden Retriever right for you?

    This beautiful breed captivates all who meets him. But have you thought carefully about whether he’s “the one”? Here are the major signs it could be the dog for you. You want a large dog Do you have young children? If so a large dog might be too boisterous and physically strong for such a…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    How to keep your Golden Retriever healthy

    It’s a sad fact that many Golden Retrievers don’t live as long as other breeds, and are prone to a lot of hereditary diseases. However, a Golden Retriever with a health conscious owner will have a much better chance of living a long and healthy life. Some simple preventative measures can make a huge difference….   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    How to exercise your Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers are very active dogs and have tons of energy. However, they also need to be motivated to exercise and will benefit hugely from an owner who is active. If they don’t get enough exercise, these dogs can become bored and frustrated, which can lead to behavioural problems. They can also gain weight which…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Health issues in Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers are spirited and come with bags of energy. However, as the owner of one of these lovely dogs you’ll need to be aware that they can come with certain health issues, which are inherited through the bloodline. Here are the major ones to be aware of. Hip dysplasia When the thigh bone of…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Grooming a Golden Retriever

    Your Golden Retriever’s beautiful coat needs to be kept clean and tidy, so it’s a good idea to carry out regular grooming sessions. Here are some tips on making sure grooming goes smoothly. Why is grooming so important? Grooming isn’t just motivated by vanity on the part of dog owners. The wavy fur of the…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Golden Retriever History

    Where did the Golden Retriever come from and what was this breed originally bred for? Here are some useful answers on the history of this breed. Developed in the 1800s The Golden Retriever breed was developed in the 1800s, in Britain. The first person to develop a Golden Retriever was Lord Tweedmouth on his estate…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Golden Retriever FAQs

    If you’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous breed, you’ll want to know all about these dogs and how to look after them. Here are some useful answers. Do Golden Retrievers shed? Yes, Golden Retrievers shed heavily. If you are house proud or you have allergies this is probably not the breed for you. However,…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Finding a Golden Retriever Breeder

    Once you’ve set your heart on the beautiful Golden Retriever, it’s time to seek out the best possible breeder to buy your puppy from. Depending on where you live, you might find there are very few breeders in your area, or you might find there are too many – one thing’s for sure, you’ll need…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Choosing a Golden Retriever

    Once you’ve found the right breeder for you, it’s time for the fun part: choosing your Golden Retriever pup! Before you rush out and choose the smallest, cutest puppy you can find, take a moment to read these useful tips. Why you should choose carefully This is a decision that should be made with care…   Read More »

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